Angela Scholte Hypnosis


Hypnosis refers to a state of deep relaxation in which a person becomes highly responsive to suggestions.​

Hi, I'm Angela Scholte, welcome to my website.

I was introduced to hypnosis in 2000, I suffered crippling anxiety and OCD. It was at it's peak and interfered with my daily life. The turning point was Hypnosis. The thought of it scared me but I knew and trusted the hypnotist. And at that point of my life, I was at my breaking point, I was willing to try anything. Honestly, it changed my life. After the hypnosis, I have never experienced anxiety like that again. I've experienced anxious feelings but we all do.

This is what I wanted to do for other people, it took 15 years before the time was right.

Hypnosis helps everyday people with everyday problems, using individual hypnotic techniques. It is so exciting to hear when people are benefiting from hypnosis. Whether they see me for hypnobirthing, stress/anxiety/depression, smoking cessation or weight management. It's the client's changes and success I love to see and hear.