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Nothing helped me to quit smoking until I had two sessions with Angela. After my first session I was so relaxed yet energetic. The following days I could tell my confidence was increasing and I was ready for my 2nd session. Now it has been 2 + weeks and I am smoke free. I know it's for life. I am so sure of myself. Yahoo! Thanks Angela.  Thérèse St-Jean
All my life I have had trouble sleeping, especially during times of stress. Angela has taught me techniques that I can use at home, and is helping me to fall asleep easily and to wake up feeling more rested. Thank you!   Jennie Hilborn

Angela, Thank-you so much for your help! I feel more relaxed, able to focus, less stress, an overall sense of well being...I will definitely return for another session.
Alaria Ritchie
After two sessions I am feeling so much calmer and more hopeful for the future. 
Sharon Hagan-Vetzal
Angela has helped me cope with. severe head injury pain. She has made life more bearable
Rosaleen Harvey
Angela helped me become smoke free in February 2015 and I have not gone back since. I quit the day after my first session with Angela, as every puff I took would make me nauseated and I would toss my smoke 3 puffs in after gagging. I am convinced the three sessions will help me continue to enjoy life without that awful awful habit! I used to smoke a pack and a half a day! Now down to zero! Thank you Angela! <3
 Ann Nistor 
Angela is wonderful. She is dedicated and works with you to achieve your goals. Thanks so much, Angela!

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